Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mille Quatre Cent Soixante Trois Jours a Sceaux (1,463 days in Sceaux)

This is my last post from Sceaux...

The movers will complete their work today, and all my goods will be loaded into a container and prepared for shipping to the USA.  Although I know my time here is already past, I am in the "bookmark" phase -- the time the reader pauses after closing one chapter before beginning to read the next.  In the bookmark phase I am experiencing now, there is no life in France and no life in the USA -- I am but a traveler between realms.

I have enjoyed Sceaux; it was a far better location for me than Paris.  Lots of open green space, quiet, picturesque.  I have enjoyed France, though there are many places I have not been.  France will always remain an easy place to visit for me.

There may be another post before I leave.

a bientot (and thanks for coming along),