Monday, May 26, 2014

Mille Quatre Cent Soixante et Un Jours a Sceaux (1,461 days in Sceaux)

The last hours in Sceaux
As I write, I am less than 24 hours from mot having a bed in Sceaux, and that will be exactly four years to the date I moved in.  I have much to do, and this broken ankle does not help.  I broke it while in Romania doing some sightseeing in the Carpathians with friends -- I only wish I as doing something as strenuous as mountain climbing.  Still, sweet memories of cherished friends.

The Hermitage, also known as Chez Mark, is all but closed, and even now, rapidly becoming the past.  I was fortunate, by God's grace, to find this beautiful little apartment, with its lush balcony views, birds singing in morning and evening, and the grand tranquility of the Parc de Sceaux.  All are a part of my memories, not my present nor future.  The helter-skelter chaos of coordinating a move allows me to only see the tasks and nothing else.  It is OK, the weather is typically Parisian: gray and wet -- the very thing I liked least about my stay here.

I have been blessed to make some good friends here, and they have helped me not only in my time here, but especially now, as I have had to lean on them for help with the move.  I hope we shall see each other again.

It is good to finally be going home, and it is near, very near...

a bientot,